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Why We Are Doing An Xmas Giveaway.

Here in the Bridge household, we absolutely love Christmas time! With two small children, who are now 4 and 6, the excitement level in our house is always rather high!

But along with the giddy happiness that Christmas brings each year, I also always feel an uncomfortable knot in my stomach, when I think about the people who's Christmas may not be so happy this year.

So many families have an empty seat at the table where their loved one used to sit. Some people may sit alone in silence - not surrounded by food, laughter, strewn wrapping paper and children fighting. Some people may be spending this year taking in every moment with their family, knowing that this could be the last Christmas they'll get to spend together. Something a lot of us take for granted.

We have always felt that we have a moral obligation to spread kindness, love and happiness when we are in a position to.

Last year we were able to donate THREE photo booth hires to deserving families to use on Christmas Day and I'm very proud to say that this year we are now in a position to donate TEN!

We are lucky to have our team of booth attendants on board, who are willing to double as Christmas Elves this year. We will be delivering the booths on Christmas Eve, and picking them up on Boxing Day to 10 families across the region for them to have unlimited use of over the Christmas period.

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