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Our Xmas Giveaway!

Thank you all to everyone who nominated a loved one for our Xmas Giveaway.

We were so proud to give out 10 booths on Xmas DAY!!

We are so very grateful to our team who donated their time setting up the booths. We really are a close knit family business and we couldn't do what we do without our attendants.

Here are the names of our deserving winners:

The Gorrell Family The Winter Family The Shay Family The Welsh Family The Brooks Family The Baker Family The Vimahi Family The Simpson Family The Ford Family and the Children's Ward.

We feel that its not our place to disclose why each family was chosen, but we can disclose that each and every one of their stories tugged on our heartstrings. We narrowed down the 147 entries that we received to just 20 finalists and with the help our attendants, we chose the lucky 10.

Here's a few fun pics that came out of the booths on the day. Normally we choose the best pics, where everyone is looking squarely at the camera, posing to perfection, but we thought we'd share the ones that capture families perfectly.

ANDDDDDD because family is everything, we are gonna give you 15% off bookings made today.


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