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Why We Think Kindness is EXTRA Important at Christmas Time.

I have always loved Christmas! As a child my parents always went overboard. My brother and I would excitedly go to sleep before Santa arrived and caught us still awake! We would wake up super early to a lounge room filled with presents, an excited mum telling us which one to open first, and dad wearing a dressing gown and tired expression, generally napping on the couch! Present opening was always followed by a day filled with food and fun.

Now that we are parents ourselves, we view Christmas in a different light. We love experiencing the excitement with our children and seeing the joy on their faces in the morning. I love buying thoughtful presents for family and friends. The food and the drinks and the "screw it its Christmas attitude!"

As adults, we are much more aware of others around us, who are currently dreading Christmas.

So many families have an empty seat at the table where their loved one used to sit. Some people may sit alone in silence - not surrounded by food, laughter, strewn wrapping paper and children fighting. Some people are currently wondering how they can give their kids the Christmas they deserve. Some people may be spending this year taking in every moment with their family, knowing that this could be the last Christmas they'll get to spend together. Something a lot of us take for granted.

Christmas season is a time when I definitely try to slow down and notice more of the things going on around me, the mum trying to load her groceries in the car whilst her kids run away - offer her a hand. Pay for someone's parking, buy a coffee for the person behind you at Bean Squeeze. Just be on the lookout for opportunities to be kind.

We have always felt that we have a moral obligation to spread kindness, love and happiness when we are in a position to.

This is the third year in a row that we will be giving away photo booths to people who need an extra boost or just some recognition for the kinds things they do throughout the year.

We are lucky to have our team of booth attendants on board, who are willing to double as Christmas Elves this year. We will be delivering the booths on Christmas Eve, and picking them up on Boxing Day to families across the region for them to have unlimited use of over the Christmas period.

You can nominate deserving friends and family here: