What to do When Someone Steals Your Website Content

Here at Wooshka Photobooths, we have unfortunately had to become well versed in what to do when someone steals our web copy or images, or as most recently occured... our entire website!

Over the four years that we have been operating, we have had many instances where other photo booth owners have taken our work and passed it off as their own.

We regularly get emails and messages from friends and employees who notice a new company in their area, they log on and look the website and notice it has some similarities to ours.

Many people say, "Don't worry about it, it's a compliment when people copy you" However duplicate content directly affects our google ranking, and our google ranking affects our bottom line in a very big way.

Below I will give you tips on how to find duplicate content as well as what to do with it, but first I'll tell you the story of our most recent copycat situation.