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What You Should Know About Booking a Photobooth in 2020 - AKA the Year of the Rona

Well, 2020, you've been very strange so far! Overnight our business like many others, fell to it's knees. Unexpectedly and instantly. We have survived what we hope to be the worst of this and with restrictions currently starting to lift, we are current cautiously optimistic.

Whether you need to reschedule your cancelled booking, or book a new event - here's what you should know about booking a photo booth during these times.

We are now accepting bookings for 2020 and 2021 but not taking deposits.

We are taking bookings as per normal, however we are not making deposits mandatory.

We want you all to have flexibility during this uncertain time.

We understand some people want to pay a deposit to feel securely locked in, although not mandatory, a $50 deposit can be paid if you prefer for peace of mind.

Bookings can be rescheduled from within the pandemic affected period without penalty.

We will not penalise you for rescheduling your booking, your funds paid can be used for another 12 months after this is over.

There will be no penalty fees, or cancellation fees.

If you are planning an event for late 2020 and you cant deal with the worry or the uncertainty that this may be over by then, you can reschedule your event without penalty. We understand.

Talk to us about a potential back up date.

If you're planning a wedding for late 2020 and you need a back up date for 2021, we can look at this for you too. Some people do not want to reschedule until they have to, and we get it. But talk to us about a potential back up date, just in case.

No payment is due until this is over.

All due payments have been suspended. No payment is due until this is over. We are in this together.

We will be downsizing - therefore booked out more quickly.

Upon our return to normalcy. We will be making changes to the way we operate. Slowing down has allowed us to reassess our lives and we have decided to downsize, and spend a lot more time with our family. We will be reducing the number of booths we have in operation, and creating an even closer knit group of attendants. This means we will be booked out even more quickly than we have previously.

It's imperative that you pencil in your new booking with as soon as possible or you could miss out.

As always if you have any questions please let us know.

Kindest regards,

Janelle and Dan

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