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Have Your Website Visits Dropped?

So it’s December, which is without doubt the busiest month for us in the photo booth hire industry.

Most of us are prepping up for the plethora of Xmas parties on offer and i’m guessing plenty of you have had to turn down a high amount of potential clients, due to already being fully booked (boy do I hate doing that!)

Recently, I had a look at my website’s Google stats and noticed something was a little fishy.

Whilst December is our busiest month and our booths our booked solid throughout Melbourne, our website visits have dropped considerably in the recent weeks (definitely enough to initially have me concerned).

Our Wooshka Photobooths site normally hovers consistently around a certain number of visits per week/month (give or take 10%) But when I last looked - my visits were down a solid 30-40%.

This instantly sent me into paranoia mode, thinking my Google ranking had been booted down the first page and since we receive around 75% of our bookings from Google, I had to investigate it further.

What I found was interesting to say the least:

All searches for photo booths go down around 40% in December on average...............Worldwide

Wow! that’s a big drop, but when i think about it - it does make sense!

As the flurry of bookings tend to come in late for companies Xmas parties are generally in October/November and the organised people (the smart ones) will make their December booth bookings well in advance.

By the start of December (whilst many late comers will still be searching for a photobooth - & good luck to them all) most people turn their attention to present shopping and all that other festive stuff that I gotta get cracking with in the next few days :)

As you can see in this image below of Googles keyword planner, all the red arrows are pointing at the volume of searches for the term “photo booth hire” in the months of December, dating back to 2013 and there is a very clear pattern of number dropping.

So basically what I’m saying is, don’t stress if you notice your website views dropping (like it did), because it’s most likely due to it being the month of December.

Many of us will be too busy anyway to even think about this stuff.

Yes it’s common sense, but I still was pretty happy to find proof from these Google numbers to put my mind at ease.

Daniel Bridge


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