Decisions, decisions!!! What's it gonna be? 

The more private traditional enclosed booth? Or the extremely popular OTT glamorous open air style?

Click on the pictures below or scroll down the page & see which you prefer.

Both options are great! 




Silver Backdrop.jpg
Blue Backdrop.jpg
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Ok so whats the difference? Which should I choose?


All eleven of our booths are exactly the same, so with Wooshka you know what you’re getting every single time. Each of these booths have the capacity to be utilised as either an open booth or closed booth. But there are a few things to consider when decided between an open and closed booth. Such as:




Our open booth packages come with the choice between a number of stunning mermaid sequin backdrops as shown above, whereas the closed booth you get the interchangeable classic red and black curtain, which is also very popular. 





The closed booth is more private, which allows your guests to act as silly as they'd like, without fearing being watched. It has side curtains which gives people extra confidence when in the booth. 


The open air style photo booth has no side curtains which allows more people into the pictures. Posers can be seen by all around whilst taking their shots.    



Space Requirements


The enclosed booth can fit snugly in the smallest of venues, we simply need 1m x 2m for the enclosed booth, and it can fit up against a wall, jutting out by just 1m. 

The open air booth requires more space, approximately 3m x 3m. 


 Group Shots


The enclosed booth stands 5 -6 people easily (but you and your friends are up for the challenge - the current record is 14.

The open booth can fit more in as there is no side curtain restrictions and a bigger playing field, so to speak. 


Can the booths go upstairs?


Yes, one of the things that makes our photobooths unique, is that they are really portable and pack down to fit through doorways, service lifts and small stairwells. 


What does it need?


We require access to a single powerpoint within 10 metres of the photo booth site.  We bring an extension cord on the day to accomodate for the 10 metres. 



Does it print photos instantly?


Our printer takes 12 seconds to deliver your top quality photostrips.

So by the time you put your props back on the table, the prints should be ready and waiting. 



Can we print extra copies?


Absolutely. Our printer automatically prints two copies of each photo session, but if you ask your friendly attendant nicely, they will happily print extra free of charge.



Do your booths have a pro DSLR camera?


We use a Canon DSLR camera, touch screen, professional dye sublimation printer which ensures studio quality and speedy photo prints.