A Night To Help Fight MND In Geelong

Imagine going to the doctor after realising your once powerful handshake wasn't as powerful as it used to be. Imagine then being hit with the words. "I'm very sorry you've got a disease called Motor Neurone Disease. There is no treatment, there is no cure." Life expectancy after diagnosis is between two, and two and a half years. Imagine being 51 years old, and being hit with the news, that you're almost at the end of the road. That was what happened to Neale Daniher and he has somehow found the strength to use his diagnosis to help others. Neale has bravely been battling this horrid disease for the past five years, and is using his celebrity profile and his own story to raise as much awareness as he possibly can.

Neale Daniher of Essendon & Melbourne FC.

Anyone who knows Wooshka Photobooths, knows that we are a sucker for a good cause, and we are always more than happy to donate one of our booths wherever we can. So when we saw Vincent Handley of EBV (Entertainment By Vin) promoting his fundraising event with Neale Daniher to raise funds to fight MND, of course we jumped on board enthusiastically and donated a photo booth hire, so the people attending could pick up some fun snaps on the night.

I decided I would attend the photobooth on the night (which was not the norm for me), as I was very interested in hearing Neale's story (and it's always good for the boss to actually maintain a little bit of hands on experience in the business) plus it was a nice way to help give back to a worthy cause.