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Things to Consider When Choosing a Backdrop for Your Open Booth.

Our Pink Gold Sequin Backdrop

How do I choose my open booth backdrop?

Upon booking your open photobooth, you will receive an email questionnaire with our open booth backdrop choices.

Simply view the images and select the backdrop you like best!!

You are best of to do this at your earliest convienance as the backdrops can book out.

Our Classic Black Sequin Backdrop

Things to consider when choosing your backdrop:

Your Printstrip Selection.

It's a great idea to select your printstrip design at the same time to be sure the make the perfect match.

The Aesthetic of the Room

Does your event have a particular theme? Think about the decor in the room and choose a backdrop option to match.

Your Outfit Choice.

If you or even your bridesmaids are planning on wearing pink at an event, be wary of choosing the pink curtain.

The images look better when you and your outfit pop against the backdrop colours instead of blending in.

Sequins or Hi Tension?

Our sequin backdrops are extremely popular, and add a high glamour and glitz element to the room. They also add a little sparkle and elegance to the images.

Whereas the hi-tension white or black backdrop adds a studio type feel to the images.

What if I want to supply my own backdrop?

Thats totally fine, we have had many couples build backdrops for their wedding photobooth. Some clients opt to bring their ceremony arch inside as a backdrop for their open booth at their reception.

If you'd like to build your own, it should be at least 2 metres wide, by 2m high. Even bigger is ideal.

We can also put you in touch with decor companies, who we will liase with to organise the a backdrop for your booth. For example this stunning floral wall provided by our friends at Dream Ceremony Decor.

Unsure about whether to choose an open or closed booth?

Click here:

View all of our Open Booth Backdrop Options Here:


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