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Happy Bucks Day Jamie

Over the weekend, we celebrated the fabulous Jamie. My best-est friend, also affectionally known as my second husband. Well known across Geelong as the owner of Dream Ceremony Decor.

His wedding is coming up and I had asked him "Do you want me tp help you plan your bucks or do you want a complete surprise? He decided he wanted a complete surprise but then proceeded to spend the following three months digging for details.

We contacted our friends at Geelong Hummer Limos and booked their limo to transport us from Lara to Werribee to Bella Apartments in Melbourne CBD.

Upon arrival Jamie walked in to our fully set up apartment with gorgeous views of the Melbourne CBD skyline, decked out in gold and navy, with a few token penises around the room.

We had a photobooth there of course too help capture the fun, and we have posted a gallery online with a password for privacy, can't think why! lol.

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