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Customised Photostrips - Can the Photostrips Match My Theme?

Absolutely! One of the things that sets us apart from other booth companies, is the stunning, professionally designed photostrips that we offer. We currently have a selection of 80 designs to choose from! These range for classic wedding style prints, funky birthday parties, 80's themes, Halloween, Christmas and even kids birthday parties. These designs are customised with your event details for free.

We also offer the option of matching invitations and designing your printstrip from scratch. This does cost an additional $50 but it is a brilliant way to tie in your event theme with the photobooth.

Here are some examples of designs we have created to match invitations.

Once you complete a booking form with Wooshka Photobooths, we send you whats called a "Printstrip Design Questionnaire" This shows you all of our designs and you simply click the one you prefer and fill out the text box with what you'd like the design to say. eg "Happy Birthday Elise"

If you're after a complete custom design, all you need to do is provide us with a copy of what you're wanting to match to! We will create the design and email a draft for your approval. There is an upload button on the questionnaire to make this super easy for you to upload.

We need these selections within 14 days of the event, and we love being able to do this for you!

- Janelle and Dan

Are you a budding graphic designer? Would you prefer to make your own design?

This blog post may help -->> Creating your own photostrip

What about your backdrop? See our range of options here

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