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Open or Closed Booth? What do I Choose?

Now that we have released our new range of open booth backdrops, one of the most common questions we get asked is "What is the difference between the open and closed booths? What should I chose?"

So I thought I'd write a blog, in which I have outlined some things to consider when making the decision between the enclosed or open air set ups.

Both options are very popular, we are currently operating at around 70% enclosed booths and 30% open booths.

So let's start with the photo booth itself...

We use the same booth for both open and closed hires; meaning it can be converted to either open or enclosed, depending on your preference. So either way, you get the same super high quality experience. The DSLR camera, the instant prints, the great lighting... its all the same.

Both booths can fit though small doorways, up stairwells, and even in service lifts. The Australian standard doorway is 82cm wide, and we've never met a doorway we can't fit through, We can even turn the booth sideways and it will fit through a 41 cm gap!

The Traditional Enclosed Photobooth

An enclosed booth is what most people picture in their minds when a photo booth is mentioned! As shown below:


Can fit in smaller spaces.

The enclosed booth only needs 1m x 2m and can sit flush up against a a wall, only sticking out by around 90cm, which is great for smaller venues as it can be easily tucked away into hallways, foyers or alcoves if need be.

More privacy.

Understandably, some guests will prefer the privacy of an enclosed booth. Enclosed booths are designed to create a private space, which allows your guests to do whatever they please behind the curtain, without fear of judgement, until you get the USB of all images that is!

Looks modern and sleek.

The booth is contemporary and stylish and fits in with most venues seamlessly.


Limited curtain colour choices.

Black and red. These are classic colours, and the curtain can be switched over part way through your hire to give your images a new look. However our enclosed style doesn't have the background choices that our open booths offer.

Less people can fit in the closed booth.

The closed booth is an intimate set up, that really suits 2-6 people, although we have some killer pics with 16 people!

The Open Booth

The popularity of the open booth is ever growing due to their super glamorous, large sequin backdrops.


You can fit bigger group shots with the open booth

The open booth backdrop is 2.5 metres wide, so can fit big groups of people in the shot! Great for family pics, footy teams or bridal parties.

More entertainment for the onlookers

There is no curtain blocking off the guests taking pictures, which means your entire function can see the hilarious poses they are throwing!

It create's a focal point in the room.

The open booth backdrops are stunning and quite large, which really adds wow factor the room and draws more attention to the booth.

More backdrop choices

We have a huge range of open booth backdrops to choose from, this glitz and glam makes them add a real wow factor to any room!


Less privacy

As mentioned, everyone can see the open booth, which can be off putting for shy guests.

The open booth set up takes up more space.

You need to allow 2.5m . 2.5m floorspace to comfortably fit an open booth set up.

In summary, you literally cannot go wrong booking a Wooshka Photobooth, whether you decide on open or closed!

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