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Have You Heard About Our Headshot Booth?

Have you scrolled through Linked in lately? Have you noticed the profiles that have a sharp, professional looking profile picture. Don't they just look so much more professional than those profiles with a bathroom selfie, or a wedding photo cropped awkwardly?!

What about when you're looking to book in a service.. doesn't it feel so much more comfortable when you can see what the person looks like? Do they look friendly, professional and most importantly, not crazy, creepy, money hungry or just plain weird?!

Recently, my husband Dan and I were interviewed for a "Couples in Business" podcast, it was such an honour to be recognised for our hard work, and we were so excited! That was until we were asked to provide a headshot for their website. ... we didn't have one!! After 19 years together, and 4 of those running a professional photobooth company, we didn't have a decent picture that we were happy to send to them.

We promptly headed into our warehouse and put up a black curtain in-front of our photo booth for a quick photo session. This is where the idea was born to convert one of our 12 booths into a Headshot Station. We simply set up an open photo booth with live view screen so you can see yourself at all times, in-front of a high tension black or white backdrop. We already knew the formula for beautiful lighting and the results were exactly as we had hoped!

We have since been booked to provide our headshot booth for Victoria University multiple times, as well as many local real estate offices and many large conventions.

We are currently offering very low cost headshots to small businesses within our community to share the love and support small business owners the best we can!

We have found this is a brilliant and easy way for to update your staff profiles without the huge cost!

So how does it work?

Choose a time and day that suits you and your employees and book us in!

Mornings are always good as everyone turns up fresh and looking groomed and full of energy!

We deliver the booth to your office, set it up and show you how it works. You have a live view on the screen at all times, so you can see exactly what is "on camera" at all times to ensure you look your best!

You can take as many pictures as you like. Its unlimited!! So keep snapping until you get the perfect pic!

The images are ready to access the same day and can be downloaded via our online gallery.

What colour backdrops are available?

We highly recommend our high tension white or black backdrop to provide a very clean, smart looking headshot. We can also superimpose your logo as shown below in the Victoria University example.

However if you have a greenery wall or similar feature within your office we can work with this.

How much space do I need?

Around 1m x 2m! We can make it work in smaller situations.

Click here to lock in our special promotional pricing of 2 hours for $399 including GST.

Examples below! They can be as corporate or as fun as you wish!