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Preparing for your Celebrant Headshots

Your headshot photo needs to be a reflection of who you are. Your couples book you for their wedding as they click with you. They feel comfortable in your presence and they are drawn in by your personality, so please let that personalty show!

Nicole Penning was an absolute posing pro in her session. She completely nailed it with three different looks, some serious shots and some playful ones. Brilliant work Nicole!

We understand its hard to act comfortable and natural with a photographer in your face, especially if you're wondering what you'll look like in the photos. As mentioned, we will show you how to utilise the booth, give you a few hints and tips and then leave you alone to get your professional selfie session started. You can see yourself on the screen at all times, which allows you to adjust angles, posing and stray hairs.

You will have 30 minutes to take unlimited photos and we will give you a USB at the end of the session with all your pictures.


We highly recommend the plain black and plain white backdrops as they give a really clean professional finish. Its a great idea to change over from black to white half way through to give your images a new look. We do also have some sparkly backdrop options. Which can be found here.


It's always best to dress in a similar style to what you would wear when conducting a wedding.

Bring a couple of changes of jackets or even entire outfits. This way we can take pictures that look different and we can alternate backgrounds etc, to give you a whole arsenal of marketing shots.

The headshots really only shoot waist up, so you can come in trackies and a blazer if you'd like! No judgement here,

Hair & Make-up

Hair is such a personal thing so it’s best that you feel like you in your pictures. Personally, my hair is never perfectly done, so I feel strange when it is. Just do you, in a more polished way.

Sometimes people opt to have their makeup professionally done before they come in, this is a great idea. but not a necessity.

I would advise doing your makeup in a similar way to how you would do for a meeting with a couple

Wrinkles, laughter lines & spots…

We are not into photoshopping your images so you look like something that comes out of a snapchat filter. But we can promise you that our lighting is very flattering and will soften any wrinkles or imperfections.


If you normally wear glasses bring them along. Glasses with no anti reflection coating can reflect poorly in images, so we advise grabbing a non prescription fashion pair as a backup You might like to bring along a couple of pairs of frames.


You are more than welcome bring along any props you feel may add to your session.

I will have a cordless microphone a wedding registry book (although outdated now, they still feel so wedding-y!) and a certificate of marriage in an envelope on hand, for you to use.

Most of all just have fun with it. The more relaxed you are, the better your shots will be.

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