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Why Weddings & Photobooths are the Perfect Match!

We have found the demand for photo booths at weddings to be increasing at a very rapid rate. Especially over the last 12-24 months where booths have gone from big and bulky to slim line, modern creations that blend in with or even add to your wedding decor.

Dan and I recently attended my cousins wedding at The Pier, Geelong. (They had a Wooshka Photobooth of course!)

One thing that stood out in my mind as a memory from the night (apart from sculling red wine on the dance floor.! Oops) Is that I grabbed my family and said "Hey lets jump in the booth and get some pics!"

It's a very different experience than lining up for a photo against a plain wall, and having your Auntie take the pic on her iphone..... hopefully at an ok angle, and without chopping any heads off!

It meant we came away with some great pics and we had so much fun doing it. The pics capture our weird family just being us! This is typical of every wedding we do, people let loose and show their real personality in the booth. Whereas they put on their cheesy fake smiles for posed pics elsewhere. Cue some of hilarious photos below.

Here's another one from another wedding. This one was captured at Stef and Jordan's wedding on Saturday at the

RACV Resort Torquay. The pure happiness and personality shown in this pic is just perfect! What's the beat Grandpa said something cheeky here!!

At every wedding we hand over a USB of anywhere form 300-600 pictures to the Bride and Groom at the end of the event. This is such a great way to capture your guests, as they are generally your closest friends and family. They are not the focal point of the night when it comes to getting professional photographs, but they are a massive part of your life. (and you want them to have fun)

The USB is nestled in the guestbook, which you take home with you, so you can check out the pics straight away to reminisce about the biggest event in your life so far.

We often find the groom will pop into the photobooth for a moment or two together away from the madness!

some crafty couples also use this to create an image for their thank you cards, this allows the to create the cards straight away instead of waiting for photographer pics to come in!

We have just launched an all inclusive wedding package. Which includes:

A Bespoke Printstrip Design

You can choose from 70 of our pre-made designs or we will happily create a brand new design to perfectly match your wedding stationary. Free of charge in our wedding packages.

5 Hour Hire Package - aimed to cover your entire reception.

One Hour of Idle Time

This is particularly handy if you a reception starting at 6pm, but canapes in the same area from 5pm. You can opt for the 5 hour package, where we run from 6pm - 11pm. But be set up and out of the way by 5pm, so as not to interfere with your guests!

Your choice of backdrop

Gorgeous Leather Bound Guestbook

Along with metallic textas, and glue for your guests to place a copy of their printstrips.


A vintage suitcase chock full of handheld signs, glasses, hats and fun!

Friendly Attendant

A well dressed, and friendly attendant is on hand at all times to keep the area tidy, to print off extra copies of photos, assist guests with the guestbook etc.

USB of all images

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