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How Does it all Work on the Night?

So how does it all work on the night?

We will arrive approximately one hour before the booth hire begins, For example if the booth hire begins at 7pm, we will arrive at 6pm, ready to start the hire by 7pm. Set up takes around 30 minutes but we like to allow ample time to be prepared.

The hourly package period begins at 7pm and the set up time does not cut into your hire period.

If you need us to set up earlier than one hour before, idle time fees of $50 per hour will apply, unless previously discussed.

What do we need from you?


Upon the attendants arrival, the remaining balance is payable. Our attendants are instructed to begin set up once payment has been received. If you would prefer to make payment via credit card, please call us on 0425818961 and we will process your payment over the phone.

Floorspace & Power

*The enclosed booth takes up 1m x 2m floorspace and can be pushed up against a wall.

*The open booth requires 2.5m x 2.5m.

We also will require access to power within 10 metres. (we bring a 10 long extension cord)

Your Smiling Attendant

Your attendant will remain in close proximity to the booth for the duration of the hire period. If the hire period is over 4 hours, and a meal has not been provided, they may take a short meal break, and the booth will be in operation whilst they do so.

15 Minute Warning.

Our attendant will endeavour to let you and your guests know 15 minutes before the hire period ends, to ensure anyone who missed out on the booth will have the chance to have a play before we pack down.

Extra time.

If you get to the end of your hire period and decide you'd like another of booth fun, we can generally accomodate.

But it does depend on the attendants schedule. The rate is $50 per 30 minutes of extra time.

The Guestbook & USB

We bring a guestbook, glue and pens and we will advise your guests to paste a photo and a message in your guestbook.

The guestbook and the USB will be handed over at the end of the hire period. The USB is put in the small envelope in the back of the guestbook. (you wouldn't believe how many calls we get asking where the USB is, hehe)

At the end of the hire period, your attendant will packdown and remove the booth from the venue.