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How We Save Hours Each Week With This Simple Template System!

When we first started on our photo booth journey a couple of years ago, like all new business owners we had to learn all the aspects of the business and many of those things had to be learnt by real life experiences and most of them learnt on the fly.

One important part is template photo strips, we put in a lot of research into how other companies were allowing their clients to decide upon and get the tick of approval from clients for their event template.

We found most were asking for their clients to describe via email exactly the look, graphics and features they wanted their strips include. Then drafting up a few options and having the client choose their favourite. Then making any extra alterations as requested, before finally getting that tick of approval.

We found this system to be super time consuming and left openings for those fussy clients to make a multitude of changes (mostly via numerous email exchanges) as what they were describing, wanting and hoping for was not necessarily easy to deliver without a visual guide.

We knew there had to be a simpler, easier and faster way to do this.

We wanted (needed) to make a system that delivered many high quality template options for our clients, that they could see with their own eyes and say "Yep, give me that one!" Then we would just customise the text to whatever they wanted and viola! - A completed template, in no time.

So we compiled twenty four of our most popular, pre-made templates into a photo collage and called it a style guide.

We now attach a style guide via email with each and every booking we receive, explaining to the them that they should choose their favourite template/s, and let us know what they would like the writing to say on the print strip eg: Kristy & Johns Wedding. We used to word this differently, by asking them what text they would like on their print strip - but they would generally respond "Oh just the same thats on the picture" lol, I'm dead serious.

This is the exact template style guide we send to all our clients.

Can you guess what our two most popular templates are?

Have a look and we'll let you know at the bottom of the page.

Wooshka Photo Booth Hire Melbourne's Template Style Guide

Of course, every now and then we need to make up a custom template from scratch - mainly for corporate clients or sports clubs who want their logos displayed, and for these occasions we have no issue making up a custom template without charging any additional fees for (although every time this happens, it's makes us appreciate the pre-made templates even more).

However for the majority of weddings, parties and other events we do, nine times out of ten (if not more), our clients are more than happy to choose from the options presented to them in our style guide......and thats the way we like it!

For us, gone are the times of only having one template to make up each week and these days we average around 10/12 booth hires each weekend (excluding peak periods) so we simply don't have time to create multiple draft options for each and every booth hire anymore.

Plus we use DSLR Booth's technology which allows clients to have more than one template for their event. This works via displaying a multiple choice option on the screen, for as many templates you wish to offer. We used to offer three, but have recently scaled it back to a maximum of two for each client.

The multiple template option is a super cool feature and a great selling point to potential clients, but the downside is some weekends we have to make up 30 or so different templates.

So now we look to create systems that can save us time wherever possible, working smarter not harder , as time is money - and thus, enter THE STYLE GUIDE SYSTEM that has allowed us to fly through making many attractive templates that our clients love, whilst not feeling like we are drowning in work.

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Our company: Wooshka Photo Booth Hire Melbourne

Many of these great templates can be found at

Our #1 place for props is

P.S Our two most popular templates: Chalk Lights and Gold Spots :)


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