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The Jogging Journo Celebrate's her 21st - with a Wooshka Photo Booth of course!

Have you been following the Jogging Journo, along her journey? You should be! Courtney is a talented, young woman from Ocean Grove, who is doing some incredible things.

Her most recent adventure, involves training her behind off to run a half marathon!

Under the guidance of the wonderful Greta Gercovich of PT company Gretfit, she has managed to go from couch to 23K in 10 weeks! Documenting each step of the way in a weekly column for the Surfcoast Times, Armstrong Creek times and the Bellarine Times.

She is absolutely slaying those goals of hers. Her weekly columns are humorous and motivating, but more importantly - they are completely and utterly real.

So when it came time for Courtney to celebrate her 21st, we were honoured to be able to provide her with a photo booth hire to help her celebrate it in style.

Courtney is somewhat of a skull fanatic, so we custom designed a skull based template to suit.

To see more of Courtney's journey jump on instagram and follow: the_jogging_journo/

To learn more about Gretfit click here:

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