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Brave Jacob and his fabulous fourth birthday party!

There is something about doing things for others that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside. There is something about doing something for someone in dire hardship that you don’t even consider yourself in the equation because you just want them to feel the joy. This is what I felt being involved in a gorgeous little boys 4th birthday party, as the attendant for the photobooth that was donated.

When the owners of Wooshka Photobooths, Janelle and Dan, were contacted by Jacob’s mum Hanna, asking if they could do a discounted rate for the hire of a photobooth for her little boy, who was about to turn four and going through chemotherapy, their hearts broke. Janelle was currently in the midst of planning their daughters fourth birthday party, and she couldn't imagine what that family must be going through, so they decided to donate the booth, it was the very least they could do!

See, the thing is at the age of 4 this little boy, is braver than I can even imagine. He is battling cancer and his mum and dad just wanted to put on the most amazing birthday party for him - and that is exactly what they did.

When I first walked in to the hall and saw approximately fifteen people working hard, setting up I was in awe of the way these people all put in to do something so kind.

Next I saw how much work had been done in the set up - hand made games and decorations, clearly hours of work leading up to the party had been put in.

Talking to Jacob’s parents Jarrod and Hanna, they were clearly so grateful to all the people and businesses that had helped them to make his birthday special.

The way Jarrod spoke about Hanna and her amazing efforts, not only for the day but caring for Jacob and their 3 other children were heart warming to hear. His praise of her was endless and his awe of her was clear. A beautiful family that just don’t deserve the lot in life they have been given, however have taken it in their stride and remain optimistic. The evidence of the turn out was clear that they are just wonderful people.

Jacob was so excited when his dad and some of the family dressed up as some of his favourite cartoon characters - his smile was a million times large.

Donations to help with his care were made so willingly by everyone in the form of gold coins to play the home made games.

There were offers of donations for the use of the photobooth also, I was surround by generosity and love.

The support this special family has is amazing and we wish them all the best for Jacob’s recovery and many blessings for you all.

If you'd like to donate to Jacob's Journey. You can do so here:

Thanks to these businesses who donated their time and services to Jacob's birthday








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