Aren't All Photo Booths the Same? 7 Things to Look Out For When Hiring a Photo Booth!

So you're looking to hire a photo booth for your event... it could be for a wedding, birthday, engagement, xmas party or a corporate event. You'll find the Melbourne photo booth market (and generally most other major cities) are saturated with suppliers these days!

We know it's confusing trying to narrow down who to choose.

Many people seem think that one photo booth company is basically the same/equal to the other and the only thing that separates them is price........I mean all they do it take photos right?.......Wrong!!! and it couldn't be further from the truth.

Booth companies can fluctuate massively in a number of key areas, from experience, reliability and professionalism to quality of product & of course, pricing.

So I've decided to compiled a list of the 7 top things to look for when choosing a booth company for your event.