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Why So Many Couples Are Adding A Photo Booth To Their Wedding Day.

Gone are the days of disposable cameras on every table.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, Brides and Grooms relied on dodgy, disposable cameras to capture pictures of their guests enjoying their wedding reception. They would then collect them and have them sent off to be developed, and wait eagerly for them to arrive in the mail, only to find, poorly lit photos, uncomfortable posing and a few bare bums!

Then our phones starting taking pictures and we used our iphones to record some of the fun! But the problem with iphone pictures is they often get lost, are poor quality or are recorded on the phones of many different guests, making it almost impossible to find them all and keep them together as a special keepsake.

Cue the photobooth! Photo booths are a brilliant way to remember all the wonderful people you cared enough about to invite them to your wedding. It captures them dressed up beautifully for the occasion, and very importantly it provides a fun way to keep them entertained at your reception! ( because we've all been to a boring wedding reception or two in our time!)

The Photo Booth is enclosed and the guests can see themselves on the screen, which means there are no uncomfortable, “do I look ok” faces! The added privacy means you will get lots of hilarious photos aswell.

Kids of all ages are entertained for hours by taking pictures of themselves and dressing up in our props. It doubles as a great babysitter.

That being said, grandparents generally find the Photo Booth to be the funniest thing they have ever seen and the giggles generated from the booth are just the best!

The Photo Booth prints out the photos instantly, guests keep a copy and paste one in the free guestbook that we provide (for you to have a giggle at later) This is great because it can double as your bonbonniere and its something your guests will actually enjoy.

The prints can be customised completely to suit your wedding theme.

Every single photo taken on the night, is provided to you in a high resolution file at the end of the event. Which means all your memories can be kept together, The files are a high enough resolution that you can blow them up and decorate your home with them - if you wanted to of course.

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Photo Booth Hire Melbourne, Geelong, Werribee & Surrounds.


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