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Top 10 Mysteriously Missing Props.

Photo Booth Hire Props

Do photo booth props go missing much? The answer is HECK YES!!!

People at parties generally consume a rather large amount of alcohol and can really take a liking to a certain hat/mask or flower crown..

This isn't a big deal for us, we do plenty of research and spend a fair bit of money to ensure we are providing a large selection of high quality/entertaining props for our clients. So its kind of a compliment that people love them so much that they want to wear them in places other than the photo booth.

Sometimes we get sheepish messages the next day, saying “Somehow I took your hat, glasses or horse head home and how can I get it back to you?” which always entertaining for us.

It's hard not to laugh whilst picturing someone hungover and wondering at what point of the night did they acquire a certain photo booth prop.

So what are the most common props that end up missing from our prop case?

Have a think to yourself and see how many you can pick out of the below 10.

The last one might even surprise you a little.

10. Batman/Thor Masks

Lets face it, Batman & Thor are cool dudes. Every guy secretly wants to be them, but they cant, so they pretend to be….. by wearing their masks (for the record, these are females in the below pic, not dudes).

batman and thor masks

9. Mario & Luigi hats

I'm not sure why, but the amount of misplaced Mario and Luigi hats really surprises us.

Maybe wearing them talks us back to our youth and brings back memories of sitting around the TV playing Nintendo for 10 hours straight (not me though, hehe).

Mario and Luigi hats

8. Hats in General

People simply love wearing hats in our photo booths, whether it be a gold sequin, nurses or police hat, one things for sure. They mysteriously grow legs and go walkabouts.

party photo booth hire melbourne fun

7. Pimpin' Gold Chain

Can we just stop for a moment, to appreciate how cool these guys are.

I can only hope to be half as cool as them when I reach their age.

But seriously Grandpa, we know you took that chain home (sorry it ain't real).

old dudes lovin' it

6. “Censored” sign

Our censored signs are pretty cool. But what are you going to do with them at outside of the photo booth? Send some kind of censored selfies? Probably.

censored sign prop

5. Lady Gaga Glasses

Not sure what kind of UV protection these things offer your eyes, but they certainly look cool as s*#t.

lady gaga glasses

4. Flower Crowns

If you have snapchat, you'll know that flower crowns are super popular right now. They certainly don't last long and even the dudes dig wearing them (not that they'd admit it, but the camera never lies fellas).

wedding photobooth fun

3. Horse Head

Generally the horse head gets taken away from the booth area, so the wearer can bust out some killer dance moves (incognito style) - which is always hilarious.

It might even eventually make it's way back home to the props case........maybe.

cashed up horse head

2. Penis Glasses/Nose

These things disappear faster than my mobile data. Once we put them out, we simply never see them again. Hopefully they are all living a happy, healthy life in a better place.

the most replaced prop in the history of the world

But you wanna know what the TOP thing that seems to go missing ?

1. Men's Tops

Yes, Mens Tops - whilst technically not a photo booth prop.... it's very rare to get through an event without a random man losing his top, and his dignity.

Don't they look so proud.

guys being guys at parties

mr bean

dabbing horse?


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